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Incredible Baseball Items Up for Auction

On my quest to bring you autograph collectors the latest news, I came across something that struck me as incredibly bizarre this morning. That’s because I merely read the first line. Now, living in San Diego and having Steve Garvey be a hero for a homerun that helped get the Padres into the World Series – any news about him is big. Yet I read the story as: Former Dodger and Padres slugger Steve Garvey is battling prostate cancer. The 10-time All Star and 1974 MVP, had his prostate…


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John Lennon Killer Back in the News -- Letters for sale

It seems like just the other day we were discussing people that collect autographs from people like Hitler. Now comes this disturbing story – letters from Mark David Chapmen are on the block. I love the fact that most people don’t know his name, because it’s one thing journalists always struggle with when it comes to people that kill or shoot famous folks. If you print their names when writing about them, it gives them that infamy they were possibly seeking. I just didn’t know how to tell…


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A Politician Not Buying Votes -- But Memorabilia (or Are You an Autograph Addict?)

I never liked Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., the representative from Illinois. It’s not because of his politics, but his dad. It amazes me that anybody even gives that guy air time. But I digress.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. recently resigned from Congress, claiming to be treated for Bipolar disorder. It now turns out Mr. Jackson may have also had an addiction. It’s an addiction that many of you on this website also suffer from. That, of an autograph and memorabilia collector!

What are the…


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Baseball and Basketball Players -- Get a Signed Photo and Personalized voice message!

I saw a story in the newspaper Sunday about a company called It was about autographs going “digital.”

This company lets fans of NBA or MLB teams get a player to sign a picture electronically and have it sent to your computer (I have no clue if they’ll ever get NFL players).

Now the first thing I thought about was a company that released baseball cards a few years back that were merely a computer chip. You put it into your computer and the card showed up on…


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Naked Lunch -- Buying Autographs, and Photos of Lady Di and a naked Jim Morrison

When you are a hardcore autograph collector and you’ve purchased autographs (come on, we all have), there’s one thing we sometimes do. We look at the price of things we buy in everyday life and think of what autograph item would could get for the same price.

You’re buying a new car for $28,000…okay, perfect. But…the same model that’s two years old, has low miles…is only $18,000. Saving $10,000…I could buy that signed Beatles program I saw on that auction website last week.



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Jodi Arias Autographs and Drawings

There’s always lots of controversy when people buy paintings and autographs from convicts. Yet, we know there’s a big market for them in the collectable world.

Occasionally, we see the Hitler painting pop up at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And Charles Manson is still doing crude drawings and signing lots of autographs through the mail from his prison sell in Northern California.

Well you can add another to the list – Jodi Arias. For those that haven’t seen…


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