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Eric Clapton Opinion needed 2 Replies

Started by Brian Keeling. Last reply by Brian Keeling 5 hours ago.

What day did the music die? 28 Replies

Started by Steve Cyrkin, Admin. Last reply by JK 17 hours ago.

Is This Autograph Real?

Find out if an autograph is likely genuine before you buy or sell! There's no cost. Get authenticity opinions from experienced autograph collectors and dealers before you buy or sell. View Discussions

Alan rickman 4 Replies

Started by Cristina. Last reply by Cristina 11 hours ago.

Tom Brady

Started by Nathan Morang 15 hours ago.

Opinions on Nirvana Photograph 1 Reply

Started by Mamguitar. Last reply by Jim McFiver 21 hours ago.

Opinion about this Tina Turner please 1 Reply

Started by Melvin V. Last reply by Brian 21 hours ago.

Johnny Cash vs John R Cash

Started by Scott yesterday.

What Do You Think of This eBay Seller?

Do you have questions about about an eBay autograph seller? This is the place to ask. But remember that even the best sellers occasionally make mistakes or honestly believe an autograph is genuine that others may not, so always do your research before you buy. As with all of Autograph Magazine Live!, all comments and discussions here are opinions only. View Discussions

Reliable? User on ebay 2 Replies

Started by M Zugasti. Last reply by Hervé Sep 5.

Do you know trackattack? 5 Replies

Started by Tobi. Last reply by Pete D Moore Jun 24.

Tiger Woods Autographs

Discuss and get authenticity opinions to authenticate the autographs of Tiger Woods, the most forged professional golfer of all time. View Discussions

Tiger Real or Fake no cert 3 Replies

Started by Nick. Last reply by Harald Greisen Aug 13, 2020.



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