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First post on here as I just signed up.  I had recently purchased this Cobb autograph from a local auction that I attended.  Everything about it seemed legit but after reading about all the forgeries out there I am a little gun shy.  Not sure if I should send it in to PSA or JSA to get authenticated.  I want to thank everyone in advance for any and all help on this one.  I am trying to get a few Detroit Tiger vintage autographs for my personal collection.


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If I was in the market for a Cobb Auto, I would do the work myself. Here's a good place to start...

I actually found that article by Ron Keurajian a few weeks prior, very informative with some good examples of his changing signatures over the years.  Tried to contact him via email with no reply thus far.

I got an authentic example I will post tomorrow to compare to...I am really not that keen on Cobb although I have seen my fair amount of good and bad Cobb's...

I actually think this Cobb is good.  He was fairly consistent.  This one has a lot of positives.




Of concern in my opinion is the slowness of the paraph ( the line underneath the signature), the puddling of ink especially on the "T", the way the two loops in the "o" are formed. These amongst other things. just my opinion. Perhaps ask Rich Simon or submit it for authentication. Unquestionable examples are posted above.

I noted some "slowness" in the formation of the "obb", but that is the only perceived negative I can find.  the letter formation, slant, height etc. seems consistent with the examples available.

Did you check out Ron Keurajian's Cobb piece on Autograph-Club.org like Fudd suggested? There's one good piece with a slow paraph somewhat similar to this one's but I'm not convinced this one's good. John's right--it would be great if Richard Simon would chime in. Here's the article link:


I did check out Ron's article.  Actually came across that a while ago before I got the autograph.  I am just a novice so it's been extremely difficult in sorting the fakes from the real ones due to Cobb's dramatic signature changes over the years. 


Is Rich a member on this site?  What's driving me nuts is how the double "o" seems to match several that passed PSA & JSA.  On the other hand there are several other variations that do not have the double "o".  At least getting my Hank Greenberg and Chas Gehringer autos haven't been this stressful!  =)



I was talking to Ron Keurajian today and he thinks your Ty Cobb isn't real. Ron follows rare baseball autographs  closely and he's seen a number of pieces recently that he feels are by the same forger.

Wish I had better news.



Glad to see my post is still being viewed.  Of course that wasn't the answer I was hoping for but just wanted to find out either way.  I had sent Ron an email a while back inquiring about it but he never replied.  The funny thing is I think we live about a 1/2 hour apart and was hoping to catch up with him and pick his brain for a few, oh well. 



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