Hope I have chosen the right section to post this.

Can anyone please try and explain a bit to me about RACC and AFTAL and others and if their association to sellers means a lot or a little.

What do each stand for and truly mean? Do they essentially authenticate a seller as being legitimate and buyers can trust their items for sale are the real deal?

Sorry if this post sounds incredibly novice. I am a newbie and genuinely want to learn. I appreciate any replies.

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Hi Sharon,

RACC is Real Autograph Collectors Club, a very popular Facebook autograph group. The members are mostly collectors; but there are also dealers and other industry professionals. I'm a member.

The founders are good people who know their stuff. They have great moderators, and overall the members are helpful and pleasant. 

RACC Trusted Sellers (RTS) is a group of carefully chosen dealers and a few collector/dealers. The vast majority of them are quality sellers in my opinion and very careful about authenticity. Many of the sellers are professional in-person collectors.

This is the RTS website: www.racctrusted.com

AFTAL stands for Autograph Fair Trade Alliance. It's a UK based dealer organization with members worldwide. Most of the sellers are quality dealers who are careful about authenticity. However, there are a small number of sellers that I would not recommend doing business with.

The UACC, is the Universal Autograph Collectors Club. Their dealer organization is UACC Registered Dealers. Like AFTAL, many are very good dealer members who are careful about authenticity. There are a good number of UACC RDs that I would not recommend doing business with. I think that the UACC RD program has fallen behind on policing its dealer members.

Regarding who to buy from: Virtually everyone makes mistakes. I recommend getting opinions before you buy, or make an arrangement with the dealer where you can buy something but pay for it after it's checked out; either by members here industry professionals, or independent autograph authenticators.

Hope this helps. Glad you asked before you started buying much! 

Thank you Steve. This is the exact information I was hoping to hear and learn. Much appreciated.

And thanks. I fear I'll annoy everyone on this forum by asking too many questions but I look at it that if you don't know then admit it to the right people and ask them so you can learn.

I know the line about if you want to be sure something is authentic then be there when it's signed, but I think most can agree that isn't always an option for various reasons. This site seems to be fantastic to help with that and finding authentic signatures people are after.

Excellent piece Steve, good info.

Great advice Steve.

I am a member of RACC and a trusted seller.  I highly recommend the group, for collecting and buying/selling.


im a racc trusted seller # 220 ,yes we are vetted and must prove our stuff is real and most of the original racc seller know each other as there inperson all graph people and it a small circle.

all good questions .

it will help make sure your itiem is 100% p0ercent real as steve said knowbody is perfect  but we take pride in making sure everything is on the up and up.

also by going direct either thru racc or buying here u will get a better price than ebay usually I know on racc u will.

How do they go about vetting items from RACC trusted sellers when the signatures aren’t obtained in person?

the majority are obtained in person and u give details

if there not you must state how u got it and details .like official cd realese or litho from artist. or bought from so and so racc guy or full details.

also the racc team looks over stuff if anyone send complaints and everything is anonymous so u can report any seller if u think something isnt right without any retrobution.

same kinda thing like here except alot more eyes on the itiems

they caught a prospect i belive last month faking stuff.

we really help police the site as its in out best interest same as we do here.

notsure if ur aware theres a fee to become a trusted seller also.

feel free to ask any other questions

theres also a racc coa and data base like psa jsa and the others and theres a video and photo proof service for sellers alsoi .

I see a combination of in-person collectors and resellers, and items being sold on the site as well as on eBay and at auction. How does that all come together with regard to looking over items that are offered for sale?

Your Ebay store is linked to your racc sellers account and promoted on racc. Most people only offer one or 2 items at a time on racc .theres no racc store that's why people have there Ebay or website site linked. 

Well said Steve. It's a great group. Members and sellers very much police themselves. Any smell of somebody selling forgeries or even shipping slowly and the smack down comes hard and quick. It is the first place I look for non sports autos.  

Not sure I’m getting your point. 



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