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but seriously....  I found this on ebay and both signatures look spot on, but.........IT IS AUTHENTICATED BY GLOBAL so now instantly I feel it may just be a good forgery.  ANY OPINIONS? 

If this were PSA or JSA I would have already bought it, but that GA scares me to death.  It is almost like an instant sign of a forgery IMHO

I need opinions guys http://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Elway-Ed-McCaffery-Signed-Auto-Broncos...

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Here is a Micheal Jordan by the same seller. This Jordan looks like garbage YET he claims to have gotten it in person.  I don't believe that for a second.   

The Elway looks good but that GAI/Global has be scared to bite on it.




First thing I say is do your own research don't sent your money to PSA/DNA or JSA because they have passed fakes over the years. Save your money. I know of people who have meet stars and got a in person autograph sent it to PSA/DNA and they said is was a fake so save your money and do your own research.

The Jordan is a forgery. Plus, isn't that a picture of Colin Cowherd with MJ? I would not buy any of his GA items! The only one that looked good to me was the Howie Long

I wouldn't buy a turd authenticated by Global Authentics

Are some things by PSA/DNA

I think that's an insult to feces everywhere

All have to say to that is do your research and you will find that PSA has passed many fakes thro the years like all the Babe Ruths go to website Halls of shame and read about PSA plus why does the court system not use them for any one thing. PSA has passed fakes before and will do it again. 

Yes Bear, we all know and have heard this 1000x from people defending forgeries/forgery sellers. I don't trust any TPAs, but I damn sure don't trust Global Authentics. In fact, if their sticker is on an item there is a BETTER chance that it is fake, than real IMHO!!!! 

Limitless Puig, Jeter, Rivera, Luck, Rodgers, Manning, Trout, Harper, any star you can think of has thousands of "autographs" certified by GA that are garbage.


Yes this is true. GA is garbage. 

I have a Presidents Cup 2005 Framed Pin Flag with George Bush & Barbara Bush Sigs I will attach photos came with Gai cert By Justin Priddy   ...... anyone have opinion?



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