Would be keen to get some thoughts on this signed cover.

Is this real?


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Hi again Parkersband! 

I edited the title to your post. Try to remember to add as much info as you can in your title so members know the subject, otherwise they might scroll past. I also added the photo on this one too, as we are not using tge attachment feature for photos and keeping them visible. Here is a link Steve put together on how to add photos to your posts. Thanks! 


Thanks very much Adam.

I appreciate your help!

Im a little new to this and just need to get my had around a few things ; )

Ill check the link for sure.

Thanks again.



No problem! We are all here to help! 

I have this LP that didn't pass Roger Epperson online opinion. It looks like the same style to me. 


The album sold for $500

This seems mighty low?

Any thoughts?

if real would closer to 5 k 



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