Hi everyone... I must say that this site is fantastic and just what autograph collector need.
The forum section is also fantastic... in particular, the "Authenticity Opinions", however, people must understand that when autographs are uploaded for Real or Fake... these are only those people's opinions and sometimes their opinions may be wrong.
I urge people to please make sure that when making judgement on autographs... please be absolutely 100% certain, as making rash judgements can cause distress to genuine collectors and destroy genuine autographs.
Thank you

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To a degree, I see your point. However, unless an autograph is signed in front of you, NOBODY can be 100% on a signed photo, no matter how much it resembles the real thing as some forgers are expert and have made a living out of this. Even the so-called experts are fooled at times, too.

Also, the opinions of other members on here are valued as they do have experience in particular fields which helps to finding whether or not an autograph is genuine and also, don't forget, some people don't have the resources to be able to go out and get their collection authenticated by paying for it - that'd cost mega bucks and I don't have mega bucks.

Its almost like saying to an expert, please don't authenticate this unless you are absolutely 100% certain you can say its real - even the expert can't do that because, as I say, a signature might resemble a real piece so well that this would convince the expert, due to the exceptional work of the forger and as I say, this is how a forger makes a living.

The only guarantee for an autograph is if you get it in person - nothing else can guarantee authenticity in my opinion like this.

Hi Robin... I absolutely agree with you... WELL SAID!

I guess I was just annoyed because I know the autos mentioned were real.

Thank you for giving me faith again.

Our faith does get tested in this hobby, I know mine has, but its all about gaining experience over time, where to get your IP autos from and who is trustworthy to buy from.

Following the autograph code always is essential, as well.

Robin, how long have you been a collector of autographs.

I like the way you talk about it

What started my discussion is... I was chatting in the chat room and someone was asking me about different autographs and asking me how much I wanted for them.

I told them that I don't sell autographs, but persisted in asking prices etc, then he asked me to email him the photos, so I did, the next thing I know, they are posted in the "Authenticity Opinions" asking people to comment on them... That is why I was annoyed.

Thanks to your replies, I now feel much better about this site... THANK YOU

Gerard, under those conditions that you just presented, and if you did not request the opinion, I can understand your frustration.  If the issue is the Hillary Clinton "signed" photo, since you are not asking for opinions, I will not provide one.

Hi terrier8HOF... I did not want any opinions on any of my items, they were posted by the person stated on the post... as said previously, he pestered me about Barcelona players etc then questioned me about other autographs, when I told him what I had, he asked me to email them to him... I did not know he was posting them in here.

That is the reason I added the other Hillary Clinton, Envelope and Comp Card... then he told me not to comment on them... I was fuming.

Thank you for your support

very interesting Gerard.  I am putting the pieces together.  I assume you are referring to the person that posted the Clinton photo for opinions.

Yes terrier8HOF


I have been a collector on and off for many years, as long as I can remember, since I was a child. I was collecting autographs at stage doors mainly. Later on, I did TTM autographs, which was a success in many respects.

In the last about, roughly 10 years, maybe a little longer, I have collected images through dealers and where I can possibly do so, get IP autographs as well. Mainly, I bought through dealers. However, last week's con has reminded me how important it is to try and get your autograph IP, though that's not straightforward at all.

I have collected many years to know the tricks of the trade and I have been burnt a few times here and there, but as long as you follow the autograph code, you are protected - sometimes honest dealers inadvertently sell you a fake as they too rely on other people to get autographs for them. I take autograph dealers who offer COA's and are a member of a recognised organisation with a pinch of salt as there has been issues in the past. I tend to rely on signature study, buy from a dealer I trust and get a COA and a receipt that are reputable. Then, I put them in archival folders with polyester pockets.

To be honest, the conversation should've ended when you told this person your stock is not for sale - at the same point, your items shouldn't have been asked for authenticity since you weren't making any intention to sell them. Those are in your personal collection and as long as you know you got them from an authentic source, that's all that matters - I just thought, from my own personal opinion, that the one(s) I commented on looked a little off, not by much, just a little, but then, signatures can be in all varieties of formats, depending on the situation.

I mean, look at my Michael J. Fox - his signature was largely a small one on my 8x10 and that was a sit down signing from the LFCC, so opposed to sitting down and doing a rushed autograph outside hotels/airports etc., I'd imagine it to be different, but when I compared my authentic one to ones that dealers said they got from him in London, I did notice considerable difference as the autograph was considerably larger, so I think that this makes a difference, too, though I was a little bit thinking 'red flag' when I saw some dealers said they obtained from Fox, when he was in London - for me, something didn't seem right. Its entirely possible his signature could've gotten bigger for the dealers, but why sign small and then large? Seems weird, even under differing circumstances, to me.

I do think it wasn't fair of a certain person to question your authentic autographs - hell, I did, but I didn't know that this was from someone else's collection. Autographs have the right to change as no autograph will ever be the same and there are exceptions to known signature studies, but ones that even look the slightest bit unlike an authentic piece will always raise the red flag regardless, its just the nature of collectors as they want to ensure they get the real deal. Then, something could almost perfectly resemble the real deal, which is how good forgers have become, so getting an autograph IP is always the best way.

I haven't done too many IP collections - my most recent is David Attenborough, the naturalist and Michael J. Fox, Frances Lee McCain (lovely woman) and Zach Galligan, plus Robert Englund too. Almost forgot about dear Rob. I have two from Rob now and the only reason I picked one up was because it was part of the package I paid for. It was lovely to meet an iconic legend though.

You're welcome for the replies as well. We all strive to help each other out on here where we can and if you get time, do take a look at my collection and let me know what you think. BTW, some of my collection I know not to be authentic, but I have put them on here, purely for reference and to help collectors not to fall into the same trap because I am an honest collector and one day, I may even become a dealer myself or just sell off my stock to put towards a holy grail autograph.

Cheers, Robin :)

Wow Robin... I love the way you express your writings... I could read them forever.

I will take a look at your Autos.

Thank you so very much for all your support.

Thank you Gerard, you are very kind.

I wish I could have gotten photo proof of Michael J Fox but the best I could offer was my photo shoot with him - I could post a photo of my diamond pass as well as this would give extra credibility to the signature. Thing is, I could post a load of images from the event itself,mouth the photo from the event should suffice as people here know me and what I look like. I am very serious about autographs and would never knowingly accept s forgery into my collection.

Anyways, you are very welcome for the support, Gerard. Please do take a look at my autos and let me know what you think. As I say, some are for pure reference purpose to educate collectors to not fall into the same trap as I did and it still annoys me now that I got burnt but the way I see it, people could potentially pay thousands on a forgery so it's all in comparison.

It's a sad world when people forge autographs.
Long live genuine pieces and genuine collectors and dealers!
Gerard, people have different opinions and like Robin said, nothing is 100% certain. Those AC milan autographs you have on your website are suspect in my opinion based on my experience with those autographs. I personally have met the team on several occasions and have many autographs from each player. Ive obtained El Shaarawy's signature several times and every time he has signed there is a distinct characteristic his signature has that yours lacks. It isnt a matter of making you distressed, but rather wanting you to own a legitimate autograph rather than a forgery/secretarial. Maybe El Shaarawy had an off day? Who knows, but the one on your site is atypical from anything I have seen signed in front of my face in my opinion

With regard to the person who posted your autographs originally, you provided a link to your website in the comment section of the post. The Maradona was questionable but I didnt want to judge a website based on one autograph. I checked autographs I am personally very good with identifying based on my experience and they looked atypical. Sorry if you didnt want to get an opinion on your autographs; that is the price we all pay if we put anything on the internet.



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