TMZ Cameraman Gets Cool Item from Jon Voight

The show is just a lot of fun. I hate to admit that, because it goes down paths I don't always like. For example, remember how much we all made fun of the National Enquirer back in the day? 

Also, people with cameras (video and digital), often make it harder for the autograph collector. Celebs don't want to stop and being asked tabloid questions, or get filmed if they don't look their best, or whatever.

A lot of times on TMZ though, you'll see the stars stopping to sign autographs while they're being peppered with questions from the TMZ cameraman. It's fun to see how many items they sign, what items people have, or spotting the annoying eBay dealers (the person that has a bunch of headshots, or just happened to be carrying around a baseball, as a future Hall of Famer walks out of a fancy restaurant).

I always think it's fun to get unusual items signed, which is why tonight on TMZ, I loved how the show ended. The cameraman, instead of asking about all the old fights actor Jon Voight had with his daughter (Angelina Jolie), he instead talked about the Seinfeld episode where George buys a used car because he thinks it once belonged to Jon Voight. At first, Voight almost acted like he wasn't familiar with that episode. Then he starts talking about things in the episode, and it's clear he's familiar with it. The cameraman then mentions the fact that George is thrilled by finding a pencil that Voight chewed on. Voight smiles, and the cameraman hands him a yellow, #2 pencil. Voight, being game, laughs and sticks the pencil in his mouth and chomps on it. He pulls it out, to make sure the teeth marks are on it, before handing it back. The cameraman laughs, and seems thrilled by the item. Of course, it's annoying to hear him say "This is now going to be worth a lot of money."

One of my pet peeves when trying to get an autograph, are people that talk about the value of things. Nothing turns these stars off more than thinking "fans" are just there to make a quick buck.

Anyway, it's worth seeking out. It's a fun bit of video. And in the future, watch TMZ. It's a funny show.

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Comment by BC on November 12, 2015 at 11:40pm

You must be friends with Harvey. TMZ is complete garbage.


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