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Totally fake seller site!! Never seen anything so bad in all my life!


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Multiple Elvis signed items for under $100. Dylan signed album for ~$70. Multiple Fleetwood Mac signed items for under $100.

#SoundsTotallyLegit   LOL

Can’t believe the sheer cheek of sellers like this! Even more worrying, people are buying Supposedly ‘signed Beatles and Elvis passes!’

Utter garbage.

If anyone thinks that they are buying authentic signed items for those prices, then they are too stupid to care that they are fake, and they deserve what they get for their money.

if suckers shop at antiques why not a Dylan for 300$ lol

This guy is running Facebook ads.

He is also running ads on Instagram too!

Just having an eye for autographs, I can observe how horrid-looking those forged Beatles are!!!

Good work Steve. Got blocked by the guy but he's going to try and sell a lot and then cut and run would be my guess. How can people think these are real is beyond me

Its cheaper than making fake cash and less trouble. Most people' will never know for years. I just had verify stuff for a company and the certs were the 90s

LOL!  Yikes!!

hey a drunk Jackson signed autograph

The first thing I looked at was that Beatles Twist and Shout EP cover “signed” by all four.  That is beyond laughable.  It’s so obvious that it was all signed by the same hand, at least John, Paul, and Ringo were. 

And the price: £275 !!!!!!!!!!  The deal of a lifetime!!!



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