Shows as a "signed insert" when you add it to cart.

$29.98 + shipping

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The vinyl with signed insert is also available here

Yes SIGNED INSERTS - as advertised on Her UK Webstore

So £20.00 plus postage for 4 tracks is an easy  pass for me! I Hate Signed Inserts they are a Waste of time*/*/Signed-Christmastide-Vinyl/6RX20000000

Makes a change for it to be more expensive in the US - It's Nearly always more expensive in the UK! $30.00 / £23.00 plus shipping for a 4 track EP Yikes!! Nice to see deccashop with a sense of humour 

$10.00 extra for Signing the Insert - really P***** me off when they do that! 

Recordstore in the UK are showing the signed edition as in stock and available - for a long time this was listed as sold out - Recordstore Day, every day. CDs, Vinyl, Merchan...



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