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I got this from a seller on etsy that sells vintage memorabilia and other signed things. I was wondering if the autographs are authentic. I'm guessing not since the COA looks janky. But I just need some second opinions. Thank you.

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NEVER buy autographs on Etsy!!!! As simple as that.

I've learned my lesson. The only reason I bought it was because the seller had great reviews.

Usually those great reviews are only about customers having received the item in a timely manner and/or the condition.  It's not necessarily about if it's authentic.  The people writing them don't necessarily have a clue about if it's good.

This is not authentic in my opinion.

Is it that bad of a forgery? Tell me it's at least close so I can have a peace of mind haha.

I don’t think so either, unfortunately.

Robby is the only one that looks close.

Might be chance it's authentic or might not be then?

Looks the same hand.

How so, if you don't mind me asking?

The right downstroke of the "y" in "Robby" and last the last downstroke of the "M" in Manzarek indicate the same hand to my eye. Some of the folks above are true experts with tons of knowledge and experience with The Doorss. Look at the upward curved tail in "Krieger" and the same tail on "Densmore". This is DOA. Sorry.

I asked the seller if he can, to provide more proof that it's authentic. The seller stated that this item was purchased from Hollywood Autographs in the 1990s and the COA was issued before the internet existed. That's why they said I couldn't find anything about the serial number on the COA. And that the serial number on the item is to correlate with the number on the COA, not for online database. They said the item was carefully inspected by an autographing expert who compared the three signatures to known authentic examples. 



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