Mum and dad were scrounging through some things and found this. They have asked me to authenticate it so I brought it here.

Having modest expertise myself, I have had a look and come to the conclusion that it is not real but it seems to me they might have been signed in the same hand.

Since the item is laminated, it makes it even harder but I think that is the case or it is a pre print yet when I hold it to the light, the ink still shows up, suggesting it might have been written but in the same hand. Also I've never seen this image before so opinion is very much appreciated.


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How much would the owner be asking for this

Steven, being an honest dealer, I don't even know if it's real, that is why I am asking, so let's not jump the gun just yet. :-)

Fair enough lol whats the price to take the gamble

It will be interesting to get the experts opinion here.  It looks good to me at first glance.

I wonder how many collectors laminated their prized pieces back in the 80's?  It certainly devalues the piece but to what degree?

Hi Robin from another :) I've no idea about the history of the said item. I did read that sometimes they signed these genuinely and other times it was a secretary/associate. 

To me, this looks like a copy... It looks like (from the scan), that there are lines on the edge of the photo and it looks like it has been copied from being on a large sheet?
My feeling is that it's non authentic so this goes a long way to clearing this up. Thanks Richard. Was always worth an ask just in case but my initial thought was fake.



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