I have been collecting Star Wars autographs since 1998.  Not all of my signatures are on Star Wars memorabilia.  For example, when I met Warwick Davis at a comic convention in New York City, I had him sign a Willow photograph.  I also have publicity photos of Sir Alec Guinness and Christopher Lee from the 1970s, and a Natalie Portman signed The Diary of Anne Frank theater poster from her performance on Broadway back in 1998.  My current wish list includes Peter Cushing, Terence Stamp and John Williams.  I am interested in knowing about the collections and wish lists of other members.

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Thanks Mike!
Looks great Edward!
Thanks Devon! I very excited to have them on there.
Edward, would you please send me a DM? Thanks!

Anyone ever attempt to remove an authentication sticker before? Lol.

If it was a min ty glossy, it would be no problem, but seeing as it looks like someone wiped their A$$ with it, you may choose not to try.


Thats the vintage look! It came out pretty good.

What did you use to remove it, Mike T?  Just a fingernail?  I am actually not bothered by authentication stickers, although I know that many of you are.

I've removed them using a razor blade and Goo Gone. Work an edge up a little with the blade and use a Q-tip to work the Goo Gone underneath. Peel back with tweezers. Rinse and repeat until the sticker is gone. It takes a lot of patience because the sticker will fragment.

You need a glossy surface to do it obviously. The goo gone may stain a porous surface and the sticker would not come off cleanly.

Thanks for the reply, Steve.

I just used my fingernail, I was afraid the razor blade might scratch the photo. It wasn't a pleasant process, it took about 20 minutes to scrape it all off. Then i cleaned up the surface with a little goo gone and a cotton ball.

If they had put the sticker in the corner or on the back, I probably would have left it alone. I do think it looks 10x better without the sticker on there.

Thank you for the reply, Mike T.  I spent weeks deciding whether or not to add Star Wars Authentics tamper-proof holograms to my autographed items at Star Wars Celebration this year.  I eventually decided to have them added.  Comics and photos each received one on the front.  Action figures and a trading card each received one on the back.  I am certain that many of you would have decided against adding them to your autographed items.  I must admit, your Mark Hamill autographed photo looks amazing without the JSA sticker attached to it.  What can I say?  Well done.



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