Heres some context. basically I just bought one of these autographs. The seller has the best reviews on ebay I have ever seen for an auto dealer. He said he got 25 stan lee autos from a collection and got about 10 authenticated by beckket and sold. He sent me photos of some of the beccket ones for proof. Hes had many autos certified by psa jsa and beckket and seems really legit. Do you guys think the auto is legit? I also included a psa quick opinion he gave me saying it was genuine. please help this dilemma  you guys are the smartest autograph guys around!







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I gotta know

Oh thanks i will try

First off, the signature itself appears off to me for any period.

This is further reinforced by the implement used to sign it, versus the characteristic of the signature, which IMO is anachronistic.

In general, Beckett does good work, but I'm far from convinced that this is "likely authentic". I just don't see it.

Let's also consider that in even Stan's highly illegible signatures of recent years, I've never seen a signature with one completely missing 'e', even when signed with his other hand (when cramped or tired), or guided by the facilitator. No sir, I don't like it.

So is it for sure fake?

I don't like it. Think of Stan's signature as having three phases. The ST, the an, and the Lee. In any period, these three elements combine a certain consistent way. A stylistic symbiosis or merging at the time of any given signature. I just don't see that here. Parts of the details are there, but the overall architecture, the way the elements combine are not the norm, left, or right handed. 

Completely missing one of the 'e's in Lee doesn't help the case either. The baseline is off, the proportions are off, letter to letter; even wen almost illegible (very recent signatures), both 'e's are always there. Though they sometimes overlap, or encroach upon each other, one almost obliterating the other, you'd be hard pressed to find another authenticated Stan Lee auto, perfectly legible at that, as this is, spelled Stan Le.

I don't like it. And if Beckett gave it the nod, IMO, they erred. My feeling is that the seller is either confused or lost track of which (if any) Stan Lee sigs that PSA deemed "likely authentic" for him, because I find it hard to believe that PSA would rule this "one e Lee", likely authentic. That's a hard one for me to believe.



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