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Spencer Davis Group original group. Would you say real of fake?

To me the ink looks like it was just put on there yesterday.  Would that be right?

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Gauging the age of ballpoint pen ink simply by looking at it, except in the most limited of circumstances, is impossible. 

It's similar to saying a vintage autograph signed on paper that looks "too white" is automatically suspect.  

OK.  With that in mind, would you think that the signatures could actually be theirs?

I'm not too familiar with these names but I see some positive characteristics.

Thanks Eric.  Hopefully someone who are familiar might see this.

These look good to me. 

Thanks Matt.  Myself I haven't a clue.  Mind if I ask how you arrived at that?

Two of my IP's.  Different line-ups,  I'm aware.  Steve's has altered most over the years, but from all the ones I've seen from that period, looks good. 

Thanks again Matt.  I have watched and studied advice on signatures with memebers from this site for at least 2-3 years now and one of the things I have heard is that sometimes even though the signature or signatures match examples they still can be "drawn" by somebody that has that ability to do.  I agree with you that your IP examples match but while yours has that IP look, not "drawn" the ones I had submitted here seem too perfect.  I guess I'm hoping that they are authentic because yes, I would really like to own an authentic set with the original line-up to do something with and this set of signatures just has that magic that draws me to them.  Unfortunately for me, when The Spencer Davis Group was out at the beginning I was just a 16 year old teen-ager and nowhere near England to be able to have our paths cross.  But I am not crying all that much, haha, cause in the past 10-20 years when most all of these music giants had a second wind and toured a lot, they did come to my home town and close by too at smaller venues, I was able to still get quite a few of the superstars.

Hi Joseph,  I see it sold at full price.  Did you get it? 

Hi Matt.  No, I didn't.  Probably missed a great deal.  I wasn't completely sure about it, especially the Steve Winwood signature.



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