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Hope you like signed plastic

Do You know if the LP sleeve is actually signed - I ordered one of the 1000 x  2LP Book / 7" Deluxe 'Signed' Boxsets from and had a CD Insert signed and not the LP sleeve  - I was Not happy!

Go to the fb link I posted. He signed these over the plastic. Did not open the Lps first.

Ahh Thanks! Total waste of time then as the signatures will be rubbed through / smudged to death by the time they arrive then! 

That’s painful to see but he’s usually great in person and usually will sell signed merch at his solo shows. 

There's no way he doesn't know better either.

Thanks a lot Michael, got it !

Got this message today after asking about being signed on the cellophane:

Jamie (Support)

Sep 20, 6:29 PM PDT

Hey Steve,

The albums are signed over on the covers and not the cellophane. 

I hope this clarifies things!

Slash Store Support 

Lesson learned for myself...

I opted out due to  "information"  that was shared.

That's twice I've been burned 

"Shame on me"

I opted out too, after ordering the Original  Signed Deluxe LP Option - which turned out to be a 'Signed' CD Booklet, felt a bit ripped off at the time as i could have just ordered a signed CD from Newbury.... Oh well ! 

The items sent were signed on the CD cover and album cellophane as viewed on the Facebook is their reply to my email request for a full refund....given their initial response to my inquiry which suggested the issue had been fixed........not real confident on the outcome...........

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your recent purchase in the Slash Store. It came to our attention that the Signed Living the Dream vinyls were signed on the cellophane wrap and not the album itself.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We will be sending replacement signed vinyls, at no charge. We will keep you updated on when you can expect to receive your replacement(s).

If you have any questions about your order, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us.

Thank you for your patience and loyal fan support!

Slash Store Support



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