Hello guys, someone says he got himself, but my feeling doesnt say it is real. Whats ur opinion?

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I don't think so. See what Ballroom says.

The sig is rushed but he had time to make a doodle?


+1 for logic.

Who carries a "canvas" through the street to be signed...? Well, it could be possible! However I'm not convinced either about the underline at the final angled overhang.

This looks really odd to me. It’s so rushed that the “A” is incomplete, but yet there are two “U”s.

At least it is linen and not cotton. Appears correct same yarns for warp and weft. Very unusual. Probably luck. Dry spun - the linen was not harvested in June either. 

It doesn't look kosher. I mean, "Paul MaGuffey"??? I don't recall a similar Macca signature.



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