Just wondering if I could get an opinion on this signed Walls and Bridges LP

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Hi Nick, not real IMO. 

No thanks...

At first glance, it looks legit to me. I understand how the signature could raise concern - but the signing & inscription seem accurate. More research is needed along with other dealers and/or auction services for opinions. The counterfeiters are so good nowadays, one just never knows.

Jim, you know, I think you’re likely right. It has stuff I haven’t seen before but the face, date and dog look right. It’s Lennon and some of the inscription that bothered me. 

I think so too. Most of it actually looks pretty solid to me - inscription, signature, doodle and date.

Not real on my opinion 

The doodle and dog appear rapidly and confidently drawn.

Looks right to me.

Here's the image enhanced with better lighting.

“From” actually doesn’t quite look right and portions of it appear a bit slowly drawn and misshapen.

Here's a genuine Walls and Bridges inscription with signature for comparison...Walls.and.Bridges.jpg

Look at the pen pressure. Similar to the one Trazom1 just posted, but a touch lighter. The pen pressure can account for speed and slightly off shapes.

Ballroom, got any known genuine Walls and Bridges in your exemplars?



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