I am from Germany and someone offered me an autographed magazine with the signature of Michael Jordan.

In Germany we dont have any authentication Services, so i hope somone in this forum could help me out if this signature looks legit.

I would really appreciate that.


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I don’t think this is real.

Thanks for your answer.

What leads you to this decision?

It almost looks like the J of Jordan is done twice and on top of the Michael start. I haven’t seen an authentic version that looks like this. 

I have my doubts, it's Jordans rushed signature style where he doesn't lift the pen off the paper so he has a lasso over the Michael to connect first and last name. My doubts is because there's no typical half figure eight on bottom of "J" in Jordan in this example, the lasso (that's connects first & last name) runs straight through the "M" in Michael when it's typically above or grazes top of the "M". Also, this is small, but Jordan at times at the end of the signature he finishes with a slight upward hook and this one its hooked downward which you don't typically see. Anyways that's my two cents.

...also the "L" in Michael seems a bit exaggerated. 

The qick opinion of GLobal Authenics says 

"Our staff has examined your submitted example of a Michael Jordan signed magazine and in our professional opinion this example would pass full certification"

Is their opinion worth something?

Thank you for your help

Global Authentics opinion is as good as Christopher Morales, they would cert almost anything!

Your item is definitely not real IMO - stop-starts, size, pressure etc are all wrong!

global is a joke. they pass anything. they should go away global. the company is the biggest joke.  this jordan’s piece is no good . stay away 

I would pass.

ok I don’t buy this one. Does anybody know, where I can get an authentic autograph of Michael jordan without paying a fortune as on upperdeck.com?

what would be a fair price for an autographed

magazine or something similar like that? I want something bigger than a trading card to put it on my wall. 



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