would like to hear some opinions on this signed fedora.

what do you think?


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Hi Daniel,

As a start you might want to search the forum and find the thread about MJ and Julians. Just search for those 2 terms in the search forum option and you will find it. its a huge thread, and concerns the sale of inauthentic MJ items sold at julians last december. That is in the opinion of everyone who chose to comment on the subject.

Their were many fedoras that were posted both real and fake, and they would make for some good comparisons. I imagine if you compare to them that you will feel more certain one way or the other on your item. This MJ is beyond my pay grade, lol. I can spot obviously bad MJ items pretty easy, but beyond that, im not that good with him. But their are a few things that give me worry about this item. And this is just me thinking out loud.

First, the M in michael doesnt look quite right. Then their is the big spacing between the h in Michael and the end of the first name. Their is also something funny about the All my love salutation. But again, thats just me thinking outloud. This could be a solid item, and im sure you will get better opinions. The large spacing in the first name though, is what immediately caught my eye is being kinda strange.


hi carl,

yeah i actually found this same fedora on one of the threads.

roger epperson already replied to this some month ago and he think´s that it´s not authentic!

thank you



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