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Good work Ivo! Thought something was dodgy! No wonder they wanted a quick sale.


Good work! It's a print engraved in the paper which explains why Autographcontrol saw the impression on the back.

Agree! Like has been said...the pressure is too even and looks almost etched / carved in..the signature i think looks genuine but like steve has said..looks a copy..I'm always wary of signatures that look fresh like theyve been signed yesterday when its supposed to be 30 years old...i also agree with ivo..every mj item signed in germany is at the bayrischer hof! Lol...dodgy imo ..not authentic

@Autographcontrol Put the link.to the seller of this item on here please

Thanks Steve & Phil

Hi , thanxxx for the Help.... after i quit the Contact to the Seller ( he was not from ebay, he was someone i know in Person...............but no more now) emidetly after this Crap i search again now i have this on Ebay...... can this be true?    https://www.ebay.de/itm/184938265656 ;

The item has been removed from eBay now...but no, not authentic imo



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