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because he make this Deadline in Matter of Fact that he will sell it to an other Collector who is very very interested and the Seller wait for my Answer... i have the Bonus that he knows me .... i think about it since last Weekend and i will get Proofs from the MJ Experts to be sure 100%.

Such pressure could cloud the mind.

We know mechanical sigs can press through.

Some of the crossover points look strange. Do the trail offs look natural? All the strokes look the same width and depth without regard to speed...

With all you just said, why do you question it? It appears as though the pen were held like a stabbing knife - is this depth usual? Some looks jagged...

Is it returnable?

Ask Steve to elaborate on his response.

Ask Ivo to elaborate on his response as well.

This hotel is using the same exact type of pen a quarter of a century later?

Why did you wait until now to post this just yesterday?

What are your concerns?

This hotel is using the same exact type of pen a quarter of a century later?

Yes , the Thing ist hat Herlitz wich is the Manufactor make a Brandig since over 3 Decades for this Hotel . The Bayrischer Hof ist he oldest luxury Hotel in Munich where every big Musicstar and Actor are in. The Thing is, they do not Change the Style of 80% there used Things since the Beginning after the II WW.

Why did you wait until now to post this just yesterday?

I just think i have enough proof, but my great Wife, who is also invoved in every Thing i spend big Money, make a little Pressure to ask to get more proof … we do all things this way togehter…not more, not less.

What are your concerns?

Ist about the last Meaning….. i ask myself : did i see every Detail…. Thats the Reason why…..

and yes its retournable...

To me it sounds like you are trying to convince yourself, which often happens with a rushed timeline. I would wait. This all sounds weird.

I agree with Eric This all sounds weird.
It looks unnaturally signed to me, and in some places it looks very wobbly signed.
And the story with the Munich Hotel is the most famous lie in Germany in the area of Michael Jackson Autographs.
I've seen so many Michael Jackson Fake Autographs wherever the same story was Munich Hotel ...

So thanks for your Opinions.... i quit to get this.......save my money

Good decision

Smart move.

Autographcontrol I found the ad here Michael Jackson Engraved Autograph Cards for 25€ for 5x Pieces.
Did your Friend/Man want to cheat on you ?

send me the link to this offer.................please.



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