Hello everybody,

Just get this autograph signed on april 19th 1997 in Musée Grévin in Paris.

So in love with it !

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This is not authentic in my opinion.

Hello. Roger Epperson thinks it's authentic... 

Its not legit, its not even close. 

I don't like this one at all

Neither do I...or anyone else in this thread. 

But you implored the man to seek Roger’s paid opinion, he did, you don’t like the expert opinion so now it’s not valid because “no one else” on the site likes it? You didn’t tell him to pay $15 to a site member, you wanted him to get an expert opinion, that’s what he got, and the expert says authentic. 

It was a quick opinion, not a full exam. Big difference. People make mistakes - I know I do. It is a sign of growing knowledge. Next he should try Beckett at $10. Wascher and the others know a GREAT deal about Jackson I would not easily dismiss - I like a consensus.

I did not say it was invalid. I did not comment directly about anyone's opinion. Don't put words in my mouth (I am eating dinner!) ;)

I can go along with Eric there. Pay $10 and get a Beckett Signature review. If it comes back good plus Eppersons seal, then I say the forum missed the mark. It’s worth another $10 to get that professional consensus.

I would be interested to see additional certified known exemplars that match this signature style. If I were the owner that is what I would be looking for now.

Please remember these are Quick Opinions. They are/were not allowed here to help a sale for example because they are just that - quick. BST forum is closed for now but QO were not to be used. Only full exams.

Understandable, however Steve Grad all but guaranteed if it’s likely at BAS Sig Review, it’s passing. That with the Epperson Green light would be enough for me.



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