Hello everybody,

Just get this autograph signed on april 19th 1997 in Musée Grévin in Paris.

So in love with it !

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Wow, you don't see his autograph very often with the star. Can you elaborate a bit on the background story? Enjoy it!

Yes, my friend is a huge fan since the 80s. He followed Michael in a lot of places and lot of countries. He had a chance to know a guy from NRJ radio in France, which was covering the musée grevin inauguration. So, this guy inviting him to the inauguration. My friend explain that Michael visits all the musée and the autograph was made during the visit on his notebook because he had no nothing else with him at this moment... I also have the program of the day

So here is a little bit of the story. I was upset because somebody told me it was not a real one because the spaces between some letters are unusual... I think it could happen in some autograph. Moreover, it was signed in a A4 page so it's a huge one... I believe my friend a 100%. 

Sometimes a good background story is worth more than the opinion of a expert. If you can trust your source than just enjoy the autograph. 

I was really happy with two autographs I purchased. One turned out to be a copy. The other has a great background story which seems to check out. Still it didn't pass a quick opinion of Epperson. The copy is worthless for sure. The one with the background story I 'm still not sure about. I actually met the person back in 1997 during a concert trip and he became the president of the Dutch Jackson fanclub. He met Michael and all the other Jackson family members. Still the autograph seems off. So I wonder, what makes that autograph trustworthy? The opinion of Epperson or the story behind it. I don't know. I appreciate Epperson is careful with passing it though. He should be better save then sorry since there are so many fakes out there.

Enjoy yours

Thanks Lucas for your comment. I'm conviced that it's a real one. As I said in another comment, if it would be a forger, why did he signed it just on a A4 notebook page and in red color more than on a smaller beautiful picture or CD/LP. If I were a forger and wanted a good price it's that I would better do... Moreover the program he gave me was given to the visits guests and I ve never seen it anywhere else... It's a proof that he was there during the visit. He also have the inauguration invitation... Another proof.

Maybe you could show me your autographs one day?

Thanks to you! 

"...if it would be a forger, why did he signed it just on a A4 notebook page and in red color more than on a smaller beautiful picture or CD/LP...."

Because a sheet of paper is not as costly to work with as an LP etc. The program and invitation are not proof of the autograph.

... But if you know that you are a good forger, why will you hesitate. And you can find a vinyl for 50 cents, it's not a big lost... 

But it is not a good forgery Totor59. 

I'd ask Wascher to look at this. It may be a forgery style.

Hopefully others will comment.


Not authentic 



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