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Michael Jackson drawings (Miscell inc. 'Historic portraits' and 'Disney characters')

I'm noticing a sudden influx of MJ signed Michael Jackson drawings coming on to the auction market, which seem to share the common themes of either 'portraits of historical figures'  or 'Disney characters'.

Both of these themes are of course recognised from Michaels' drawings both at a young age and later in life, but it is interesting that so many new drawings are being released on to the market at the same time. 

Here are some current examples:


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 The same seller (mjcollectionuk) recently (on 28 March) sold a pair of 'MJ signed Florsheims' for an undisclosed offer under the asking price of £1999.99.  This item also had an LOA, this time from 'MJJ Productions'.



Michael Jackson
Hand Signed & Worn Florsheim Loafers with MJJ Productions letter of authenticity.
Worn by Michael during his performance on the history tour in Dublin, July 19th 1997.
Comes complete with business card from Mjj productions and envelope stationary.
Both shoes are signed beautifully in gold pen. Underside of shoes shows sign of wear - to be expected after a performances.
Own a piece of HIStory

The LOA reads:

MJJ Productions header

14 October 1997

Dear Richard,

Mr Jackson was sad to hear that you were unable to make it as his special guest to the HIStory Tour show in Dublin due to your health. To try and make up for this, he wanted to send a little bit of the show to you.

Please  find enclosed a signed pair of Florsheim loafers worn by Michael during his HIStory Tour Concert  in Dublin on July 19, 1997.


Amy Hartman

Executive Assistant

MJJ Productions

(Footer: Wilshire Boulevard address)

with MJJ Productions card, Office of Special Services, Amy Hartman Executive Assistant.

Having sold the last 'blue Mickey and Minnie mouse' drawing for £136 on 10th April (see below) and a previous 'Elvis drawing', seller brmcg_1317 seems to be back, as seller chbow_52 with a 'Peter Pan and stars' drawing, again starting at £50. 


Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Authentic Original Item

 Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Authentic Original Item. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Large Letter.

This is the original Peter Pan drawing signed by Michael Jackson not a copy. Peter Pan is drawn reaching for the stars. The drawing is Slightly smaller than A4. In the bottom right hand corner there is slight discolouration will not be visiable if framed.

Peter Pan is drawn in both pencil and felt

But apart from that the item is in good condition for age.

Can post world wide .

 An 'MJ signed' poster selling on Easylive auctions on 22 April 21.  The signature appears to be by a well-known forger of MJ drawings. There is an inscription ' Keep doing all the good things' and the item has a COA from 'Rare and Signed'.


A framed Michael Jackson poster with handwritten message 'Keep doing all the good things' hand signed by Michael Jackson with certificate of authenticity

Anyone who touches anything from rare and signed is crazy anyway imo

 Bringing back an old drawing here, because it is currently being sold as prints by a seller from Pennsylvania on ebay.  Apparently 16 prints have been sold already...



A copy of Michael's work For those who love the art and the music.
8 1/2" x 11". On 100 lb paper perfect for framing.


A reminder that the original drawing was sold by Knaisz (London) for £552 back in December 2013.  No provenance or other explanation was provided. 


Like most of these fake -MJ Disney drawings, the origin can literally be traced back to clip art.  This is the first image that appears on searching Google images for 'Peter Pan and Tinkerbell clipart'.

  Not to be confused with the bad-copy-of-a fake offering from this ebay seller who optimistically asks $4,500 for their version.  (This drawing had already been included in the relevant thread for the New-York based forger, whose work now mainly appears in resales like this). 

The expert COA offered is by....rareandsigned.


Rare Michael jackson hand signed / autographed drawing of peter pan w/ loa

Rare Michael jackson hand drawn and signed / autographed drawing of peter pan w/ loa and hologram  on piece of loose leif paper in black Sharpie i had an expert issue a coa letter in addition to the hologram that was already on the page Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

I recently contacted rareandsigned about an item supposedly authenticated by them and they denied that they did it. I told them I got it from Simon Parr and never heard from them again.  I think that he may be behind their operation or at least, is in a silent partnership with them.

Interesting that R and S denied knowledge.  Could be a faked COA, but I think there are a lot of connections - between dealers and COA providers.  This thread from 2018 mentions the Signatories COAs and links to other dealers in fakes...  https://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/beware-three-u-k-eb...

 The same seller of Peter Pan prints (blc2235) is also offering prints of other well-known fake MJ drawings, including Liz Taylor,  'Lisa Presley' and Malcolm X at (19.95 each). 




  Seller blessings-unbound from N Carolina offering this 'gold boots' Billie Jean Mickey Mouse with 'LOA' for $895 BIN.

This seems to be part of the 'gold boot's Mickey Mouse series of drawings sold initially through Simon Parr/ Kristen Leigh Auctions UK.


Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Autographed with COA

Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Autographed with COA
It appears to be a self-portrait, a dancing Mickey Mouse wearing the iconic shirt, fedora and glove. On the bottom of the drawing in Michael's handwriting: "With All my Love Michael Jackson".
There is a curling on top left corner and a crease on the right top. It would not be noticed in a frame.
It is larger in size: 8.5" X 16.5".

 ebay seller blessings-unbound also selling this non-drawing item, starts at $2,200 or BIN $3,499 : 

Michael Jackson Signed Hotel Pillow


Michael Jackson Signed Hotel Pillow tossed off the balcony into a crowd of fans back when tablouds were terrorizing him.

The pillow was thrown by Michael from the hotel window of the Bayerischer Hof in Munich during his 1998 stay. It is inscribed by Michael in black marker "I LOVE YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART,  PLEASE LOVE ME ALWAYS,  BURN ALL TABLOIDS, ALL MY LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON."

Now you can own a terrific bit of MJ history with this rare signed pillow.

Kristen Leigh Auctions Ltd (formerly Simon Parr Auctions) are back with a bumper bundle of old fakes- and a few new ones.  Like this 'Bugs Bunny' drawing with a familiar signature, offered at £200 start.

 It looks as though UK ebay seller chbow_52 /brmcg_1317 is now selling their offerings via Leigh / Parr.  Well, they do say 'birds of a feather flock together'. 


A drawing of Loony tunes' Bugs Bunny by Michael Jackson on A3 art paper. Additionally signed. Supplied with coa.



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