Hi everyone,

I have been on the hunt for an authentic Michael Jackson autograph for a long time. I know they're a rarity and the ones i have come across have either been too expensive for me, or too questionable in nature. I have found this one and would greatly value your advice as i really don't want to get burned. I have previously asked Roger Epperson his opinion on a couple of them and he's said "not genuine".

As i reside in Australia, the prospect of buying something internationally in the current climate, plus the exorbitant import charges, is a big consideration. The autograph below is within the country and the reason i'm considering it is because it comes with a Wehrmann COA, stating the photo was signed in 2008. I understand Wehrmann is a very trusted name.

But... is it authentic? TIA :)

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Sorry, just to clarify, I haven’t asked Roger’s opinion yet on this one. Thought I would get advice here first ☺️

Hmm, I just found this same photo and eerily similar signature on the PSA website. Seems odd, no?


It's difficult to judge, but in my opinion MJ signed it.

Thank you ☺️

Authentic imo.

Thank you ☺️

Like Ivo said it's a hard one that...I'm not 100% on it .. earlier signatures are easier to judge I think..id personally get Roger to look it over before buying 

Thanks Phil.

If it came from Michael Wehrmann and you can get that nailed down, then it is genuine.


Thanks Xwiesy.



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