Hi everyone,

I know this is probably a silly question, but thought better to ask here and look stupid than not ask at all and maybe regret it later.

Rather than faff around with eBay maybe/maybe not authentic autographs, I've found one directly from Bryan Ulrich at The Signature Library. I know some positive things have been written on these forums regarding Bryan, which is great because his items are on the pricier side. But i'm willing to pay it knowing i'm (hopefully) getting the real deal. 

My question is, do i need to bother getting a second opinion on the autograph, or is anything from Bryan pretty much gospel?

Thanks very much!

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Which one are you looking at?..post a photo...Bryan is regarded as a very solid IP collector..He's one of the best...a bit pricey but you'll get an authentic piece 

Thanks Phil. Here’s a photo of the autograph. 

Is that being sold by bryan..have you already bought it? Can't see it for sale 

Yes. It’s not on his site. I enquired about a very similar one on his site but it’s already sold. He said he also has this one. I haven’t bought it yet but am prepared to.

Anything from Bryan I'd say is pretty much solid 

Thanks Phil!

It looks very Good in my Opinion. 

+ it comes from Bryan Ulrich

Great, thanks Ivo!



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