Hi everyone! Please give me your opinions on this? The Ms look very very different from her signiture autographs so im very unsure....

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Doesn’t look right to me.

This is a definite secretarial. That is, Fox Studios sent this out in response to a request. 

Here is my Secretarials blog, although it is similar to a style on there, it does look like another hand I don't have an example of.

There is no possibility this is Marilyn's own hand. In regards to Secretarials there is only one that is similar which I call Style D 

Marilyn Monroe Secretarials at Blogspot

Thank you :)

Is there an address on the back of this envelope? Marilyn last lived in Van Nuys in 1943.

This could be her agent Johnny Hyde's secretary or one of her photographers, it looks a little like Bernard of Hollywoods autograph. Johnny Hyde was her agent during 1951 and he died that year too. 

Clearly, that calligraphy is not Marilyn's. There's no doubt about it. Neither the autograph. It's a fake IMO, I have no doubt at all.



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