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They sent me a confirmation email stating to be patient with my order, since they have to deal with hundreds of cd's to be shipped at once.

Ok, thanks for letting me know! We will eventually get our signed CD! 

I received a shipping confirmation, so they have started shipping. They'll probably ship these in batches considering the number of orders.

Yes, just received a shipping confirmation number 

Someone on John Mayer reddit posted a photo of the Newbury signed booklet, except it's not actually a booklet. It's a flat slipcover and it is a little smaller than the booklet. 

Well that sucks. I understand that I am fussy in what I collect. And just because I can get an autograph I would like in the collection, if it isn't in the format I collect (mostly CD booklets/vinyl) I am not really interested. And these cheap 10 for a penny prints are about the worst. These were advertised as signed CD booklets which is why I gripe.

No I'm with you. 100%. Don't call it a booklet if it's not a booklet.

Also John Mayer's autograph used to be alot cooler. I assumed he shortened it to sign a couple thousand booklets, but it was pointed out to me that he's been using this abbreviated style more recently. 

Wow, the autograph in the photo you posted is even more disappointing than the already sad example that Newbury showed.

I'll tell you what. Newbury may have a lot of stuff, but a lot of it is not as awesome as it could be. 

This is like the garbage "art card" that Demi Lovato signed. It was advertised as a "signed cd cover". Very disappointing if this is what shows up in my mailbox 

What are you guys complaining for? Were you expecting a full name autograph and a five minute conversation? Most people would be happy just knowing they have his sig for $20.



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