I have strong suspicions that this is not a legit sig. I was attracted to the item on eBay and was glad that I didn't win! I bid up to $500 and then my spidey senses kicked in. It sold for $1225.

Thanks for any opinions. 

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Terrible forgery, slowly drawn, not even close. Only a few signed Morrison signed albums are known to exist. 

Thanks Bruce Juice. I was thinking the same. There is one signature I have seen before where the "n" droops down and the "s" doesn't have the full loop. It's like someone used that as a model to do this.

I feel sorry for the sucker who paid that much for it. 

I agree with Bruce. It’s based on an authentic signature from a copy of The New Creatures, but poorly done.

I moved this to the Doors forum.

Oh dear. It's just awful.

Also posted with the "signed" album was this rather bogus looking "certificate" of authenticity.

I contacted this seller about one week ago and advised him that it was a fake after he had relisted it. He told me to get lost. He even threatened to report me to eBay when I advised him that I would post his fake item here (last week), if only so that he would not just have to take my word for it, but he would have the benefit of the residential experts here, two of whom have commented so far here on this item.
Anyway, he listed this 3 times, twice knowingly as a fake. Some poor soul got suckered into buying this. The seller is a disgrace to eBay. 

Hi Hyacinth House,

That is certainly interesting as he noted in his description that it was only being re-listed on eBay due to nonpayment. 

I am new to this, and luckily most of the items I collect are signed books in the $100-$200 range, so many of my purchases are not under threat (I hope!) but it is good to know how rampant and rotten a lot of the higher end stuff is.  

He allegedly relisted it on account of a non payment. At which point I advised him it was fake. He told me to get lost. I then posted it here last last week for conclusive discussion. I sent him the link of the posting. Miraculously the eBay listing disappeared. I then did what I thought was the right thing at the time, I deleted the discussion on this site as he had removed the listing from eBay. Only for it to reappear a couple of days later. 

Funnily enough, this genuine beauty sold that week for +£20000 with BP

That’s a beauty for sure, and probably the finest Morrison signed LP in existence.

Agreed. Let’s hope the proud new owner keeps it out of direct sunlight/UV exposure!. It’s a treasure.

I seen some autographs of Jim Morrison in orange felt pen in the last time... strange or not? 



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