This looks pretty good to me. Just looking for a second opinion. Thanks!

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I tend to yes, although I don't really like the start of the"e".

Here is an exemplar...I would say it’s about the same?

Greg, your second example is authentic. As you can see the"e" starts with an upwards stroke and is not connected with the "L". That's usual with authentic Lemmons. In your first scan the"e" has no start of its own and is connected with the "L". It is written the normal style, which means with a loop starting right side up and left side down. This is the way Lemmon's wife Felicia used to sign his mail.

Irritating to me is that your first example has this start under the bottom line in the"m". Authentic Lemmons do have this deep start (which Felicia's sigs don't have) - but they have it as the  start of the"e", not the "m".

But maybe that doesn't mean too much and we shouldn't overrate that.

So after all I would say authentic. But hopefully other members have a more secure opinion.

Thanks for the response! I didn’t know his wife signed for him? Do you have an example of her signing for comparison?

I think what you’re trying to describe about the ‘Lem’ points towards the exemplar though. At first I thought the L connected to the e, but I think the L in fact ends and then the e starts at the bottom and goes up to the left as per the exemplar, and then goes on to connect with the’s just that in the first case they are placed so close together it’s hard to make out...if you really zoom in on it you can kinda see what I’m talking about, but yes, you can also make the argument that the L and e for the rest I think it’s a good match (until I see how good of a job his wife did! Haha)

Greg, Looks good to me.

David's scan is a perfect example for what I mean concerning the "e".

I once had a signature from Felicia which I got 1996 ttm, but threw it away when I learned it was fake. Her "sig" matches perfectly with his own, you can only tell by the "e".

Thanks so much for posting those ‘secretarial’ examples! I’m now more confident than ever that that the OP is the real deal! ;)



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