I came across a store called Autographs Authentication Store (autographsauthenticationstore.com). They seem to have a very large selection of autographs of all kinds, including Beatles autographs. Does anyone know if this is a legit dealer?

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The one site has "© 2019 CodingPixel. All rights reserved." at the bottom and the other does not. Hes' up to something to say the least.

Hm, that is interesting. I'm going to pass that info on to the BBB and the Consumer Affairs divisions.



if one googles 'bob dylan autograph' you will end up with 15 different google product listing ads all from burkel's web site. (https://a-authentication.com/)


if one googles 'grateful dead autograph' you will end up with 15 different google product listing ads all from burkel's web site. (https://a-authentication.com/)...so one can google practically any popular artist autograph and receive only results of burkel's listings...........try it, steve


here is jimi hendrix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 steve==i am under the impression that american royal arts is out of business......in any case burkel is ripping off literally thousands of autograph buyers per year---way more than royal arts ever did.....

according to a member of this site who worked for his company, burkel is spending over $10,000.00 per week on paid google clicks ( PLA,,,,,,,product listing ads) so he must be profiting with hundreds of forgeries sold per month............yet i do not see his site mentioned more than other fraud sites on your site


are you afraid of a law suit from burkel?.......what is the reason that burkel's site is not featured on your home page??

thanks for all the harD work setting up this site to protect the naive.





I have had a few friends who were ripped off by this guy.  From what I understand, dozens of complaints have been made to the FBI and as recently as 6 months ago, the FBI started paying attention and there is an active investigation. Obviously, we don't know more than that as the FBI will be doing things incognito. But I'm counting the days on this one. He will be busted and brought to justice, no question!

Could you file a Police complaint of FBI complaint if the fake items were sent across state lines for fraud or wire fraud? Sorry, not sure if I'm right here as I'm no longer in the USA but hopefully you can stop these fraudsters

If that's the case, he's guilty of over 4000 counts of wire fraud. The FBI would have a field day with him.

Look no further than Roger Epperson. He has one in stock. 


I am impressed by the amount of money this crooked dealer https://autographauthenticationstore.com or AUTOGRAPH AUTHENTICATION STORE spends on advertising. I suspect that it is over $10,000.00 per month in google shopping ad clicks. If one does a search on google shopping for BOB DYLAN AUTOGRAPH ,you will find all 25 results lead to the https://autographauthenticationstore.com store
bob dylan autograph
Please realize this works with almost any popular artist searches. Here are a few examples:
Johnny Cash-

beatles autograph..beatles autograph
So my point is that the forger is spending literally tens of thousands of dollars every month in order to get clicks on google shopping
A person can do a search for Jimi Hendrix Autograph jimi hendrix autograph and you can purchase it for $731.00...What a bargain
You can do a search for the doors autograph with Jim Morrison doors autograph
and purchase the LP for $500.00
Please note that the company does not accept paypal FAQ
One would think that the chargebacks from MASTERCARD AND VISA would have the company thrown off.
Here is the GUARANTEE that https://autographauthenticationstore.com offers:
"Yes, every item purchased from us comes with a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing it to be authentic. Each item has been authenticated by a 3rd party authenticator(s), and the user of the web site accepts the validity of the authentication at the time of purchase, and no other opinion of the validity of the autograph’s authentication is acceptable, or negotiable for any kind of consideration."
You have up to 30 days from reception of your order to request a return of your order. Please email us, and discuss returning your order, and the reason for said return. If we agree upon the return, we will email you a post return label you can attach to the package to pay for the return. After 30 days, we do not take any returns, or exchanges.

I notified their Google Shopping account manager about this long ago. They chose to ignored me, probably because he spends $30,000-$50,000 a month on shopping ads. This forger is also the authentication authority. It is literally the same guy. How does he get away with this? He opens up new merchant accounts under his friends' names so when people file enough fraud charges against him and the bank shuts him down he just moves on to the next merchant account. Wash, rinse, repeat. I used to work for him. He's a total trash bag who's going to get busted one day and land himself in jail for a really long time. It will be well deserved.

Well said, one day soon we hope!

How are these guys not in jail yet?

Can’t say if autographs are real or not but the owner is one of the WORST people I have ever dealt with.  Bought an item a few months ago. All went smoothly. Did NOT have item independently verified.  
A few days ago I saw unauthorized charges on my cc.  One was to the above store.  Figured out my card had been taken by someone who knew my house was temp. empty so delivered packages could be picked up unnoticed.  I tried to stop all unauthorized packages. All retailers were cooperative except the above. He has been so abusive that even the agency dealing with this is appalled!  I have been called a thief, a fraud and an old retired lady!  I have been threatened with jail! And he’s not being accused of anything!!!!! 
At this point even if he were giving away items free I wouldn’t deal with him. 



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