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Is this a for-real service?  Can I trust a seller that uses them?


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Is this a service that is at signings that witnesses the autographs being signed?  Or is this an authenticating company similar to PSA JSA and others?  Its not clear on the website ?


It is supposed to be an authenticating company.  I have done more research and I have concluded that they are either fake, and entirely made up, or are easily paid off so as to be complicit in fraud.  I traced one of their Autographs-Authentication numbers from an item being sold by a seller on iOffer (seller name: AutographsUnlimited) to the same item still being sold at AutographsNetwork.com for 1/3 of the price.  And then found out on here and elsewhere just how bad AutographsNetwork is.  Seemed too good to be true at the normal price, much less 1/3 of it.  Heck at 1/3 of the price it would make nice wall art... I might even be tempted except for the apparent risk of my card getting fraudulent charges on it by AutographsNetwork.  Also a possibility that the iOffer seller is or is not messed up with AutographsNetwork.  The whole thing gives me a headache....

Some reverse image searches on the Autographs-Authentication site shows they grabbed somewhat rare, but random images to make their company look real...  I have attached the original sources of some of their site images below.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I would not give my hard earned money to pay for a person to say it is good or a fake do your own research don't just send money out there look at PSA/DNA and JSA they have passed fakes for years and have made a killing doing it. I know of people who had a in person autograph and PSA said is was no good what a joke. Just do your own research. 

Research based on what?  Known examples of supposedly good signatures that are just as suspect as the one you are trying to verify even if they are OK'd by a reputable company?  Cannot trust anyone's testimony that their stuff is real.... even when they have clear pictures of the item being signed, how do you know they did not crank out some fakes even if there is a real one somewhere.  That is one way to build a collection... buy "real" ones.... make a fake and a pass it along as real, keeping the actual real one for themselves.  Seems like there are two ways to go (other than never getting started)... only collect signed items you personally witness.  OR buy what you like, assume they are real, and never, ever check so that you still feel good about your collection.



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