Is this coa fake or real? I have never seen a Frank Dileo coa

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One almost-certain giveaway about most scam letters is that they are written in very poor English. 

There are several grammatical and typographical mistakes in this letter, and I'm certain it's a fake. 

Also if anyone had been 'a supporter over the years' and was being sent something as rare as a glove, then I don't think a 'formal' letter would accompany the gift. 

FAKE looks like it was made yesterday lol!!

Totally FAKE

I have a different perspective on this. 

First, it is not a COA, it is a letter of transmittal, which might serve as provenance. 

Second, it looks like it was done on a typewriter or early word processor printer. 

Yes, there are grammatical errors and formatting issues, but it may have been typed by the sender himself. 

It is curious, though, that he added a rubber stamp under his signature when those details were already in the letterhead. But who knows why people do odd things.

Now, I am not saying the hat and glove are real, just that the letter is not necessarily fake.  It could be a fantasy letter, or a letter that was sent with "souvenir" items (not worn) to influential people to curry favor, or it could be on the level.

If it were mine, my research would be into who that agent was and what relationship he had with MJ.

There's a nice UK TV interview here with Frank (by Terry Wogan, a very famous BBC 'entertainment' interviewer).  Interview starts at 56 secs appx. 

Frank seems to speak English very fluently.  I'm sure he wouldn't ever disgrace his boss by sending  an illiterate letter to a senator.

I'm sure the letter above is indeed a fantasy letter- one by someone who had a fantasy that it could pass for genuine.  :)  

For supposedly 23 years old it shows no sign of age either...the creases are fresh and the ink from the stamp looks like it was done yesterday! 100% Fake imo

This article also says that Senator Royal L Bolling was gifted a glove in 1988 not 1998 like the letter says...10year discrepancy there already that screams forged in my eyes

It might well be "fake" but not necessarily for the reasons given.

I have letters that I received decades ago that are as fresh as the day they were received.  It all depends on how they are stored and handled.

Also, it is not like a forger could just log on to a PC and crank this out. The devices that appear to have been used are not commonly available.  And what forger would have a custom rubber stamp made just to superfluously add it to a letter?

I think too many people are jaded by all the forgeries they encounter. I assume 99.99% of MJ material is fake, but this is not the most obvious fake I have seen.

I'd be more concerned that letters like this were used to send out souvenir memorabilia and not worn material. 

The dates don't add up for me..if the letter is suggests that mj sent gloves to senator Bolling on at least two occasions 88 and 98..which I very much that's the alarm bell for me..also i don't doubt that some letters are looked after but the freshness of this, the creases, the stamp and the signature are all red flags. 

And in the year 1998 Frank Dileo was't MJ's manager. He held this position from 1984 til 1989 and again in 2009 - until Jackson's death. 

You beat me to it lol

Frank dileo management was dissolved in NYC in 1993 also



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