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Would really appreciate your opinion on this Eric Clapton autograph. Should be from 1995, possibly via TTM.

Thank you for helping!

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Doesn't look right to me - the "E"'s curve is not so smooth and the slants are atypical I think. Some hesitation in the "I" it seems. Others will know much more.

Definitely different than the norm. Might be a super fast in person although I would walk away from this one.

Thanks guys!

Most welcome. :)

I personally think it looks ok. It looks like a quick in person, rather than TTM.

Thank you my friend! Interesting with opinions that differs, that’s not rare in this hobby! :-)

Here is a copy of my signed fender scratch plate, I received in person on tour back in 2001 for comparison.

Thank you! That’s a nice one. Here is another 1995 example, but still difficult to tell.



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