What's your opinions on this elvis signed album page?

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Never authenticated but these are believed to be genuine.  Signed on both sides of small photograph.

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I am afraid these are not signed by the King, looks secreterial but no way its Elvis!!!!!!

Here you go Robb as requested, now this is an earlier Elvis sig around 1958

Is it for sale ? PM me :))))))))))))))))

Here is one that I recently purchased - the pinnacle of my collection!

Very nice items guys its good to see a genuine elvis!
steve its surprising to hear you say the sport and star elvis presley is not authentic,
sport and star apparently are a top uacc dealer how are these legitimate businesses robbing people of there hard earned money if they are selling non authentic autographs,
why aren't the uacc doing anything about this if there not real?
I love autographs but when I see things like that it just just makes you want pack the collecting game up, something is very wrong somewhere how are collectors meant to build there collection when they are told to purchase from uacc dealers to be safe..
in your opinion where do you think the best way to purchase autographs is when trying to build a collection, reputable auctions houses??



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