Hi guys, i want to know if these Elton John autographs are genuine or fake?

Thanks in advance 

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Sorry, they are all fake.

Really?  Why?

Also this?

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The others are not from Elton. I have run Elton’s UK fan site for over 18 years and have a great deal of signed item from Elton, photos, records, cards, letters, awards, personal items and other items.

But the one you just posted signed to Sebastian is 100% real.

As you know elton john has a different signature compare stage and not, two different style. If you note (with love) have the same hand

I’m sorry, Elton did not sign any of the items in your original post my friend.

Freddie, I am not sure how Elton John is signing today as my autographs from him are over 18 years old, but, my page may be of some help.  Good Luck..........


Love the Yellow Brick Road signed albums. Nice collection!

Steve Duncan

I've noticed you don't leave comments about certain signatures about whether they are legit or fake. You continually only post pieces of your collection for some unknown reasons.

How do we even know your collection is Legit? 

Here is an in-person item from Elton for me.

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Very nice, Richard!

Thank you Joe!

goodcat 53,

I am not nor ever claimed to be an autograph expert. I have always stayed out of conservations (for the most part) on someone else's collection or interest in signature authenticity as I was not there when they were or were not signed. I will leave those discussions to the much better experts on this website.  I offer what I have collected in person as a tool if someone wishes and finds it helpful in comparisons.  If not deemed helpful, that's their choice.  I am not offended. Its just one tool (of many that are discussed on AML).

Cheers bud. SD



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