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No worry, I got you.

Back in stock again on Amz UK

How many do you think they signed? I remember Bryan Adams had signed 2200 for Amz (they were numbered)

I ordered a couple extra CDs for those of you who couldn't buy it. I'd be nice to start some form of syndicate of worldwide buyers on the back of that to help one another with country restricted items.

Hi I'm willing to start it with you I will help you if you will help me I'm here in North Carolina save me a duran cd please and if I can get anything for you I will help, I'm going to Molly hatchet tomorrow if they sell signed anything do you want me to pick one up for you

Hi Bill,

Sorry for the late reply, that's great I got you covered. Add me as a friend, I have ordered an extra 5 to help people out.

I hope they're not autopen though as I can see it is still available.


I have a bad feeling too, the amazon one's have been available much longer than I expected.... #Duvan Duvan

For Amazon; You need a good VPN to order (UK server) and UK address or forward service .  Otherwise it will just show up as Temporarily out of stock. 

I'm sending mine through forward2me. Any other recommendation for an affordable a trustful forwarding to Europe?

No VPN needed. Just put a British address in your profile.

My forward service is Forwardvia: good but not cheap... 

Besides, since the Brexit, you get taxed all the time (which is not the case with recordstore or other, because they are using normal post...). Tax is not an issue: e.g. on £40 for 2 vinyls, it is only around £8, but UPS or Fedex is adding £17 of "fees", so it reaches £25. +£4 of fees for Forwardvia, +£30 of shipping costs, and your £40 vinyls are now £99 !!

I have ordered 3 from Amazon UK...if any of our cousins from across the pond want one , I have a son massively into Country Music (Morgan Wallen/Luke Coombs etc)....if anyone wants to swap a signed CD later this year.......

It's been available again on Amazon for most of the day and still is. Signed prints are still available too. I'm beginning to get a bad feeling about this.

I was able to buy a bundle through Townsend Music. It ended up being not a bad deal. I’ll get a vinyl for myself and then a vinyl, deluxe CD,

cassette and signed print for my sister. I’m feeling like these will be auto signed but my sister doesn’t collect autographs but she loves the band. It will make her day and she doesn’t even know what an autopen is. 

I had a page alert set to watch this on Amazon UK, and a few minutes ago it alerted me and I was able to buy it from Amazon UK and have it shipped to the US. So maybe they are lifting some shipping restrictions finally? But now it looks to be out of stock again already.



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