David Gilmour: Does anyone else's new CD look like this? Strange appearance.

This is a very strange appearance. It looks just like this in hand. Uniform surface and reflections for both.

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Agreed.I It's a shame because the Gillmour is quite nice. I'll look again but I don't recall it being very high gloss.

One would have to assume they did not sign these things at the same time.  Would be to messy.  So it must be the glossy material.   Frampton's CD was manufactured in Mexico and inserts run the quality gamut.  Probably no standards for the insert material means various good and bad results.    Hey, at least they signed in a good spot where you can see it. 

That is the odd thing because they present as a pair of identical stamps which they are not.

This looks to be from the second batch that were signed, as the first batch had darker signatures.

And it affected the resale /flipped price you can pick these lighter signed cds up for £39.99 on e bay here in the UK whereas the darker ones are in the £70 to £90 range

Thanks to all who responded. :)



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