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I am hoping there is a deluxe edition of the book. I purchased the Obama edition and got the Springsteen book at this book signing here in Austin.  A book signed by both of them would be priceless 

I think you are right. Looking at the BF offers from last year, the Portman book can be found for around $100, which is quite a mark-up but much less than the $550 she asks for a private signing. If I remember correctly it was not made available online at B&N or BAM, so I think there will be a lot more Grohl books in circulation.

The Eilish book is an exception, but that one has a nice displayable signature on the cover. Books are a much tougher sell than a CD/ vinyl or picture; a fan would prefer something he/she can proudly display. 

I was able to get some Portman books at the BN black friday last years. Those were very limited. The store I went to only got  3. At the time they wer selling fir several hundred dollars 

Hi, please excuse my ignorance as I'm a newbie here, but is this what it sounds like?  Saying something is going to be "a Black Friday B&N book" means that Barnes & Noble has more autographed copies they didn't put up for presale on their website and they're just going to be put out at various stores on the day after Thanksgiving?

I know nothing is confirmed yet but that sounds much better to me than paying eBay prices, especially when I looked and found some pretty underwhelming examples of DG's signature.  Thanks for any info you can provide.

That's exactly what it means. Only in physical stores and possibly just a handful in each store, so you need to be there early.

That's cool, thanks.  Does B&N publicize beforehand which autographed books they'll have available at the stores on Black Friday?  Or is it just a matter of showing up that morning and seeing what they've put out?

They advertise a list of books on their website sometime in November. 

Great to know.  Thank you.

I have done the B&N Black Friday before and my recommendation is to line up before the store opens.  They only stock maybe 5-10 copies of the popular titles, the more popular the fewer.   That year the highlight was the Hillary Clinton book, and I was the third guy in store and I couldn’t find them.  Maybe the store employees already copped a copy or two.  So plan on arriving early for your best shot.

If anyone here has an extra copy of the signed Will Smith book and would like trade with this Dave Grohl book, I would love to trade with you. I grabbed an extra copy for either gifting or trading it. Just contact me, thanks in advance!

I’m happy to do that if you still need to

I Just missed the re-stock but B&N Just put some more online 7 minutes ago - so worth checking back!!



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