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New to the site and collecting NASCAR Auto'ed memorabilia... I could use some input on these Dale Sr. Auto's I purchased off ebay. I now believe the ebay seller I bought these from is selling Dale Sr Auto'ed items on ebay under 3 different user ID's so I suspect these might be fakes...

I hope I am wrong but as I put everything together, the nearly identical listings, the identical patterns of feedback left for buyers, and the same last name on 2 sellers Id's I know for sure I have purchased from 2 of the 3 ID's!

I would like a professional opinion before I start calling out any ebay seller, ers... 

Thank You!!!










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They are indeed not real in my opinion. As the NASCAR authenticator that works close with ebay, private message me the user id's and I will ask the fraud division to look into it. I will also look at their other items.

I wrote a Dale Earnhardt signature study that is on the internet. I also listed several of his authentic variations here as well. Also, feel free to ask my opinion before you bid on anything if you wish. Those forgeries have been around for quite a while. They pop up on ebay from time to time. Chances are the seller had them in their collection and are dumping them now. We see that quite often.

Brandon Mysinger
NASCAR Autograph Authenticator

if you have the need to sell any unique items, such as:
Thingamajigs...Doodads...Whatchamacallits...Dohickeys...Gizmos...Contraptions, Kit and Caboodles...Whole Shebangs... should be the new caption of a number of auction house and ebay sellers!

howabout this one?


@DB: This Earnhardt isn't authentic.  There used to be several of these floating around in the market.  Sadly, it's one of the closer forgeries. The signer just didn't keep up with the times though in regard's to Dale's signature evolution. 

@Michael: Thanks for the info, I will keep in contact with you over the next few days regarding your situation.



Here is the 88 Daytona I have! I also added a older photo that I recieved in a Earnhardt diecast lot I purchased off ebay a few years ago, the only mention of the photo in the listing was "a nice Dale Earnhardt photo included"...

Well thanks again and I look forward to what ya think of these, looks like my Dale Sr. collection is going down in flames...;0)



Looks like Mike got most, if not all, from ebay sellers.  Are there any known secretarials as I'd like to add them to my secretarial thread.  By the way, the claim on the above one I posted is that it is an "inperson" from the Jim Wiggins Collection.   How can a non-authentic item be listed as an In-person ?

Strange. Jim Wiggins has published one of the top celebrity address books for decades. If HE told you directly he got an autograph in-person, I'd be shocked for it to be a forgery. But the vast majority of his autographs were collected through the mail so you need to check for secretarials and autopens.


Yes, the Dale Sr. shown here ( If it did originate from Wiggens ) was not signed by Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Did Dale Sr. send secretarials, and if so, could this be one? It sounds like you think this is a garden variety forgery.

There are some thoughts that he did. However, there is nothing to fully back it up. Unless we knew for sure that this came from one of his addresses, We can't know.  The theory is that some family members signed for him. However, never on people's items that were sent in. If it did occur ( I tend to think it did for a short period), it was only for those people that simply requested a signed hero card.  It's very hard to track down because Dale did sign items that were sent in.

Therefore, I can only remark that the above item wasn't signed by Dale Sr.

Darrell Waltrip also used a secretarial around the same time frame ( early to mid 90's ). 

Every item I have seen that was sent in to Dale to sign was 100% authentic. He was VERY passionate about taking care of his fan's items.



came to that same conclusion.  The #3 pics have some very close similarities especially the other 2 posted by Mike.  Perhaps a secretarial and two forgeries.  

must make life interesting for auction sites that push Jim wiggin's collections.  probably easier to just "make believe" to describe it as "in-person".  Although if this was originally a TTM then it would give rise to the secretarials. 

Well, Jim has both, and I can't imagine him ever saying he acquired something in-person that he got by mail. But any auction house worth its salt authenticates each autograph themselves, no matter the provenance.



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