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I realize that the name "Christopher Jones" does not necessarily ring any bells for a lot of folks.  He was a quite troubled young guy from Kentucky who had a very brief film career in the late 60's including the young male lead in RYAN'S DAUGHTER.  At the time he was referred to as "the new James Dean" because of his looks. He abruptly retired from acting at the age of 27 in 1970 but later made a cameo appearance in MAD DOG TIME in 1996.  He was also married to Susan Strasberg at one point and is rumored to have had a serious relationship with Sharon Tate who's death shattered him emotionally.

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with his authentic autograph.  I found 3 examples...but all very different.  I'm kind of thinking the middle photo from CHUBASCO may be the best candidate as it looks to me to be the least polished and natural.  Still, the Kuflick collection from which the third one comes is usually a good source as they were in-person I believe.  Any input would be most appreciated:

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Etienne, I would by the "Joe" if it is cheap. Also maybe the "Kuflik" if also cheap. At least the "Joe' has a third party that will go with any photo. I personally have no exemplars on ''Jones"……I do like a lot of autographs items to "Joe" who seemed to collect in person for many a year…….sometimes its is a coin toss and you have to go with educated gut feelings on the cheap or maybe you pass a real one that you wanted….and loose it. It is always about the ink, how much you want to take a chance, and do you have the ability to take the chance. I have thrown a lot of autographs on that chance and made a lot of money on others.If you did not collect in person you take the chance. If you think you have the education and the money, take the chance…….Back in the day you either won or lost on an opinion…..I am still way ahead. All the best!

' if that is also cheap"Kuflik

Thanks, David. The "To Joe" is already gone.  I just downloaded it to have a sample.

Chris Jones is a difficult one.  I think his small following is partially due to the James Dean look, his sensual screen presence, the Sharon Tate connection and his abrupt retirement from films due to mental challenges. As with many Hollywood figures, if he had died young, he might have a larger following.  Humphrey Bogart that was the best career move James Dean could have made!

Here's another Kuflick example.....quite different than their other one from them that is dedicated "To Harvey". 

Etienne, I have no idea how long Jones signed over his career. My thinking is  PSA has enough in their library to ok it. Secondly the Kuflik collection always seemed solid to me. I would start from there since there is a change in his autograph. The hard part is connecting the dots in the evolution to his later autographs. You at least have 2 starting points. Good luck !

I think he's such an oddball autograph that it's hard to truly verify with exemplar comparisons.  I think you are right though about the source being important.  Kuflick seems to be just fine all across the board in vintage entertainment.



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