You need a membership to get the vinyl, but it's only $19.99 right now and can be canceled afterwards. The only other place I've seen offering signed vinyl is through her livestream vip package ($100 for a ticket + shirt + signed vinyl).

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Do you know when the cutoff date is to get this? I signed up, and tried looking through the FAQ, but didn't  understand their answer.

"If you've signed up before the end of the month, your record should be on it's way!

If you signed up after the specified cut off date for the month, and the Breakthrough Record of the Month is still available, it'll be on your way soon! If we do not have any more of the BROTM, your first package will come in the following month."

I can't say that I'm 100% sure myself. I haven't purchased much through them in the past. Every once in a while they have a really cool exclusive though - like this one. I assume we're still good to go for Charlotte, but it does get a bit confusing.

Y'all are good to go on Charlotte ;)

Rich, have you received your Phoenix vinyl yet? I got the email that it shipped a few days ago, but thus far the tracking is showing nothing beyond a label being created.

Same here.

Dang, that sucks. Thanks for checking though, and thanks for sharing this originally - I'm pretty excited for this one.

I wish these companies wouldn't send the shipping notification until the day the package was being handed to the carrier though. I know it's all automated, but still drives me batty.

Here's an interesting contrast: I bought the Phoenix clear vinyl exclusive from FNAC. It shipped from France last week Wednesday via DHL and arrived Friday morning. Two days to get here from France. Meanwhile, the USPS is barely functional while demanding that we treat them like they stormed the beach at Normandy.

Still waiting on any signs of movement with the tracking. Trvs was super quick to respond to my inquiry though, and said that the delay was due to Canadian Post and that they would be shipping out this week.

For anyone else who stumbles across a VinylMnky offering in the future, be aware that it's $27.99 if you cancel your membership early (not $19.99). I'm fine with this, and think it's definitely still worth it for this album, but thought people should know. They were really quick to respond to messages, and it seems like one of the owners might actually handle the customer support stuff himself so that's pretty nice.

There seem to be issues across the board with the vinyl. A number of fans are commenting (right now in fact) in her Facebook group about the vinyl from her own webstore not arriving yet. It seems like the only version that has been immediately available is the clear vinyl from FNAC. 

I'm seeing some movement on mine finally.

Mine arrived today! Thanks again Rich for the heads-up on this one. I'm very pleased.

I don't buy vinyl normally, so this is the first time I've seen them just peel back the plastic enough to sign while leaving the rest intact. I kind of like that method.

It took them a long time to ship because of the delays, but once the post office actually had it in hand, it only took a couple days to get here which is quite speedy for Media Mail.

Ah, that looks nice. She's actually super nice and easy to talk to - I did a zoom m&g with her a couple weeks ago after her livestream.



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