Blonde on Blonde, does the signature look legit? (On liveauctioneers)

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Not authentic IMO.


any thoughts on my Debbie Harry …..Blondee?

that debbie harry is garbage

John Williams, Thanks for your opinion. Lets play. Show me, your early 80's in person LAX autograph….waiting.

Sorry I’m not following. LAX ?

Los Angeles Airport, collected early 80's….I don't remember anyone standing next to me when Harry was collected…..You say this is garbage….show me anything you collected 40 years ago.

If you got it yourself why are you asking for opinions.  Guess it’s real then

John, After collecting for many years, I sometimes forget from where  the autographs where collected. I try to get opinions before I get items 3rd party authenticated before I put them up for sale….I was like a drunk collector…..Acquire it, collect it, and who is next.

Here’s an in person...not 80’s but close. Her “D’s” are pretty prominent. Apologies for the “garbage” that was a bit much. Best of luck. If anything it looks rushed. I’m no expert on DH but have seen enough and I haven’t seen one quite like the one you posted. 

John, it is always about the ink. If YOU collected her at a different time from myself,  collect her as an exemplar for your library. After 40 + years of collecting my memory could be fading……..As I told Steve when I signed on to this site……this is about show and tell for me. So far I was wrong about a Clark Gable autograph that I cut in half and I showed I destroyed it with a photo……I thought the sketch proved the autograph…I was wrong.

Never seen one where the "B" looks like the number 3.  Pass. 



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