Couple of months ago I was offered this Beatles Songbook with everything a fan would die for (only John Lennon missing)...Especially the second page was something you could not even imagine that it is existing in one book !!??

I turned it down but kept the photos...Please enjoy !!

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I feel you were right to turn it down. More filled with turkeys than sweets IMHO.
Some of the lesser name signatures might be genuine but Paul, George and Ringo, no way.

 I would say the page 2  signatures are probably genuine and collected at Beatles conventions etc. Page 1 is a blatant attempt to scam a fan who does not know his stuff. 

Based on the Linda signature, I think page two is bad as well. Is that supposed to be Yoko's signature?

Yes, you are no doubt right. I have looked at them on my desktop. Alan Williams is close but not right. The whole book is a scam. Looked at them originally on the Samsung Tablet.

All fake in my op.

My biggest indicator was the price and the source where it was supposed to come from....


They're all terrible...



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