Who is left in the industry of reliable reputation to complete authentications of Beatle-related autographs?

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Now it's back on eBay with a BIN price of $1,000 and no mention of the negative opinions from Epperson and PSA.

He must not have ever heard that you can't REALLY erase information on the internet. What a nut! That is why you have to do your due diligence and look for information, because there are so many shady people in this world.

If Heritage doesn't have it in their online database, that probably means it didn't reach reserve or minimum bid or it was pulled. That is, if it was ever there in the first place.

Just found an interesting set of a Beatles autograph at eBay written by Neil Aspinall including a confirmation of Mr. Epperson:

Beatles signatures - hand signed by Neil Aspinall!!

eBay item number:

Is there anyone who agree that all four sigs are written by Aspinall?

This is the work of Neil Aspinall...

This is from Mal Evans...

+1...Mal Evans.

That means that anything is wrong in this auction....

a) the email confirmation relates to another autograph or

b) the "expert" failed.

Does anyone have experience or authorized opinion on the following companies :

 - JSA James Spence Authentification

 - GFA Authentification

Can we trust them ?

Thanks a lot for your reply

NO! Forget both!

JSA rarely certifies Beatles autographs that I don't think are genuine. When it's happened, I only recall single signatures. I don't recall seeing sets certified by them I didn't think were real. 

I've seen hundreds or thousands of GFA certified Beatles autographs, sets or singles. I only recall one piece certified by GFA that I thought might be real.

I’ve seen a full set that was certed by JSA with a George signature that in my opinion is in the hand of Neil Aspinall. The other three signatures looked authentic to me.



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