From talking with another member about trading autographs, we thought maybe it would be cool to have one place here where we can all post up stuff we have for trade or sale that we could all update our collections by.  As long as everyone post up a clear pic of the signatures and a good description, then this could be epic! 


Moderator Comments:
This is a great idea! Try it out in this discussion,
and then we'll set up a special forum category
once we work out the kinks.

Please do your best to make sure your autographs are genuine BEFORE you post them here. Ask for opinions in the appropriate forum here, such as

If you see something here that's a likely forgery, reply with your opinion and contact the forum moderator.

Thanks...and good luck!

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This is such a fantastic idea...I got many items I tried to dump else were but I am game to trade and sell at collector friendly prices...this is going to be awesome

Thanks buddy for the encouragement!

I will start off with this set of cards...all cards are certified on the back and are either pack or auction pulls...anyone interested hit me up...will let the whole thing go or any one card or sell optional


I think its Jimmy Key...Rudy May...Mike Pagullaro...RIck Cerone...Steve Sax and others..

I have a Wilson Basketball that I would like to trade.  Its signed by NBA HOF player Oscar Robertson, and inscribed: Best to Mark.  If your name is Mark or you are a basketball fan then this is for you.  Ball is not authenticated by any organization. Ball has always been kept in a case, smells and looks like new! I only took it out for the picture.

I Collect Baseball items. Throwback or signed Jerseys, Signed Baseballs, bats.  Not really a card collector.  I collect mostly older Yankee players autographs (early 60's on back), but a nice signed item from other players from that era might strike my fancy as well.  I like the modern Yankees too! Also Jose Canseco.  Don't hesitate to make any baseball trade offer, I'm an easy going guy, Lets work a deal.  Thanks!

I'll put a value on this ball at $50.  I prefer trade.

i figure if someones a big enough fan of his they will want it anyways because it is a nice signature and because i put a very fair price or trade value on it.

I think this is worth trying. Propose some rules and how it might work. In the meantime, feel free to try it out in this discussion like you've started to.

Thank you Steve!

I have a 2009 AL All Star Team baseball I've been trying to get rid of... I'm an employee for a major sports company, and acquired the sig's in person in St. Louis.   I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can, but is anyone interested?  I'm good for sale or trade.

Hey Myke...I may be interested...

who signed the ball?  How much are you looking for and what sort of stuff are you looking for trade?


Jonah Aldrete



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