Could you please tell me if these autographs are real ?

Thank you very much for your help

Best regards


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Thank you very much Dennis.

Do you have an exemple of a real autograph ? The autograph on the picture when Michael was a child had been taken by a person I really trust .

Thank you and have a wonderful day

best regards


Jose this two autographs they look very rushed, but Authentic in my Opinion.
Some do not find the second autograph authentic here, it has already been discussed.
Mj has signed like this, very often.
Look at this autograph, it looks almost like the second one in the photo.

Dear Ivo,

Thank you very very much. Your advices and comments are very precious ! 
Thank you for the photo. I am quite sure that the second is real because I know the man who encountered MJ. For Thriller, it has been discussed because it’s on E Bay right ? 
At least how cost an authentic autograph from MJ ?

Thank you one more time for your time and kindness 



You are welcome Jose, I help where I can :)
an authentic Mj autograph can cost from 1000$ to open.
There are some MJ Autographs on ebay that are authentic, unfortunately many look for cheap Mj Autograph and 99% of them are all fake.

Dear Ivo

Thank you very much. 
for you this one is real ?

Yes i agree with Yannick, it also looks Authentic to me in my Opinion.

Thank you very much 

Hello Ivo 

How are you ? Do you have any explanation why this object is still on eBay if it s a real one ? It is because it’s not a vinyl but artwork ? 
Thank you very much and have a great saturday

Best regards


Hello José

Many MJ signed items have been for sale for a long time.
There are many real signed MJ items on ebay, that have been for sale for a long time.
Many people are only looking for cheap MJ autographs, and immediately avoid items as soon as they see an autograph that costs, for example 3000 $ or 2500 €
I wouldn't sell mine cheaply either.

This signed artwork album looks good in my Opinion. 

Hello Ivo

Thank you so so much for your answer. I was wondering if because it is not a vinyl it could explain why people don’t buy it ?

Thank you for your advice

best regards


Possibly because it has no Coa from PSA,JSA,BAS.



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