I found a JFK-signed photo on ebay that I'm very interested in. The signature was authenticated by Steve Grad of Beckett Authentication Services. Steve Grad used to authenticate autographs on Pawn Stars.

Any info about Beckett Authentication Services will be appreciated. Before I spend a couple of thousand dollars on a JFK signed photo, I want to make the authenticators are reputable.

Kind regards

Garrett Meadows

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Hi Michelle! Exactly! That's why I find that particular piece appealing. I have always preferred autographed candid shots, especially of presidents. There are a number of official JFK presidential photo portraits available that have very nice inscriptions and signatures. But they are so common. I'd like to have a photo that is seldom seen or one of kind. Sadly, I dont' think I'm going to be able to make a deal on that photo. Like Steve Cyrkin pointed out, the photo is a little beat-up. Also the seller is not willing to negotiate much off the price. Oh, well, there's more photos out there.

that is a lot but i do like its originality.  Why not wait a while and then make another offer because the seller is unlikely to sell it at that price. I actually prefer the fact that its atypical and quirky

Steve, you have had no experience with Grad if you think that.  The guy is really shady.  He screwed up PSA and then leaves (which was a blessing for them).  I have seen so many mistakes he has made.  Are you unaware they he spent years lying about his credentials?  


I have spotted fakes within the sets that Historic Autographs does.  Guess who does all their authentication, Beckett, the owner, Heffner followed him there when he left PSA.  Then they are buddies, they FB buddies and cozy up.  Talk about a conflict of interest.  Orlando was just let go from PSA so I think they are trying really change the culture there.  There is no hope for an organization that is lead by a fraud and complete moron at times.  I have heard of some terrible antics at shows.  Steve, I thought you were all over this stuff and would know all the garbage going on and how Grad is a joke of person.

I can only give my opinion about Beckett.
I will definitely no longer use them in the future.
Every tpa can make mistakes, but after 3 wrong decisions in certification it is enough for me.
And the customer service is bad, you never get answers.
In the future only JSA, ACOA or PSA.

Exactly!  He poached one other guy and figured they would train the rest.  The owner lives in India and he is never in the building.  I have hear moral is bad.  Then you have Grad who is just a nut-case, completely falsifying the training and education he had.  He is a loser.

TPAs protect autograph collectors by exposing the forgers in our hobby.  We should all be very grateful if we are truly autograph collectors.



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