Hi everyone, I’m looking at purchasing this signed thriller vinyl by Michael Jackson but I really do question the authenticity. Would love to get everyone’s opinion on this one as I have my doubts. Here’s a link to the actual item and the website so other autographs can be compared.


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I just looked at their stuff. A lot of stuff is...well...really bad forgeries.

Thanks! It confirms my gut feeling. I’m only an amateur at this. In Australia there isn’t many if any reputable places to buy memorabilia and apparently the Australian memorabilia association own this Taylormade company so it confirms both are frauds.

Yes this is definetly fake imo and awful at that

Thanks for informing guys! I just don’t understand how these companies can operate selling counterfeit goods. It’s disgusting how they can easily take thousands of dollars of peoples money for a fake .

Haha what an awful forgery...looks like a kid did it!



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